I wish you could see what I see The flush on your cheeks Your gaze burning into me Head thrown back in ecstasy   I wish you could see what I see You surrendering helplessly Moaning, a desparate plea Head thrown back in ecstasy

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You asked me to let you go…

“I would have done anything you asked of me, you know,” John continues, no longer yelling and his voice low and unsteady in a way that is physically painful to hear. “If you’d asked me to wait for you, I’d have waited until hell froze over. If you’d asked me to follow you, I’d have […]

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Sun Games

When the sun shines and I feel the warmth on my face, my memories take me back to another time and place. A time when my heart didn’t sink at the sound of your name. A place where I was safe and love wasn’t a game. But love is a game and you left me in the […]

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Secret Scoop [Part 1]

“So, you’ll have that first draft to me by 5 right?” Ugh. My eyes threw daggers into my boss’ back as he trumped away from my desk. I can tell it’s going to be a long day, and it’s only 10 in the morning. I sighed and laid my head on the desk. “What was […]

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Split in Two

Sometimes I feel like I’m split in two. Who I am now is different than the me before you. Naïve, but jaded. Vibrant, yet faded. I’ve turned into something I once hated. I can’t go back to the old me, nor would I… because today it is so much easier to say goodbye. Goodbye to […]

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I Still Miss You

I miss you. When the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it feels like summer, I still miss you. When the leaves begin to change and summer fades to fall, I still miss you, I miss you through it all.   Winter’s cold indifference is no help… I still miss you; I still feel […]

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Judge Me

Always just a passing look, judging my cover like a book. There’s more to me that meets the eye, but you don’t care… So why should I?

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