I wish you could see what I see The flush on your cheeks Your gaze burning into me Head thrown back in ecstasy   I wish you could see what I see You surrendering helplessly Moaning, a desparate plea Head thrown back in ecstasy

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Sun Games

When the sun shines and I feel the warmth on my face, my memories take me back to another time and place. A time when my heart didn’t sink at the sound of your name. A place where I was safe and love wasn’t a game. But love is a game and you left me in the […]

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Split in Two

Sometimes I feel like I’m split in two. Who I am now is different than the me before you. Naïve, but jaded. Vibrant, yet faded. I’ve turned into something I once hated. I can’t go back to the old me, nor would I… because today it is so much easier to say goodbye. Goodbye to […]

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I Still Miss You

I miss you. When the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it feels like summer, I still miss you. When the leaves begin to change and summer fades to fall, I still miss you, I miss you through it all.   Winter’s cold indifference is no help… I still miss you; I still feel […]

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Judge Me

Always just a passing look, judging my cover like a book. There’s more to me that meets the eye, but you don’t care… So why should I?

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